Special Offers

Rental period can start and finish any day of the week. Min stay: 3 nights

Special Offer Limone
Limone - 2 bedroom (up to 6 people) - Sea View, Private Area with BBQ and Infinity Pool
  • From June 13th to June 18th (included), Special rate, up to 4 people is Euro 195 per night (instead of Euro 315/360);
Special Offer Loft Apartments
Loft Apartments - 1 bedroom (up to 4 people) - Pool, Amalfi town
  • Special prices in May/June - Please contact us on info@amalfivacation.it for a special quote.
Special Offer Cartiera
Cartiera - 3 bedroom (up to 6 people) - Pool, Amalfi town
  • From June 11th to June 13th (included), Rate, up to 4 people is Euro 160 per night (instead of Euro 260/300);
Special Offer Fragola
Fragola - 1 bedroom (up to 4 people) - few steps from the SEA
  • From June 7th to June 15th (included), Rate, for 2 people is Euro 60 per night - for 2 people.
Special Offer Mirtillo
Mirtillo - 1 bedroom (up to 4 people), with private balcony, at few steps from the sea
  • from June 8th to June 12th (included), Special rate, for 2 people is Euro 70 per night (instead of Euro 100/115);
Special Offer Villa Principessa
Villa Principessa - 3 bedroom villa (up to 10 people) - Sea View, Infinity Pool and Sea Access
  • From August 14th to August 22nd, Special rate, up to 6 people is Euro 695 per night (instead of Euro 845/970);